Michael Goldsworthy was recently honoured for his services to the Disability Employment sector with an induction into The Disability Employment Australia Hall of Fame.

“The Disability Employment Australia Hall of Fame recognises excellence, innovation and long-term commitment to the evolution of disability employment in Australia.”

Michael Goldsworthy

Formally announced on the 29th of June 2011 at the National Disability Services Conference in Brisbane, Michael Goldsworthy, Sue Robertson and Peter Tanner were honoured for their outstanding contribution to the disability employment sector. They became the second round of inductees into the Disability Employment Australia (formerly ACE National) Hall of Fame. Michael was inducted for his innovative and evidence-based leadership [that] has consistently guided disability employment not-for-profits through processes of change, enabling a more efficient and accountable sector”.

Inaugural Hall of Fame inductee, Dr Greg Lewis, welcomed the new inductees, “All three of these inductees have made an extraordinary contribution to the growth and development of disability employment services in this country – helping to build Australia’s reputation as a world leader in disability employment services.”

Disability Employment Australia Chairperson Donna Faulkner congratulated the inductees and commented on the commitment driving the sector, “By formally recognising the individuals who have contributed such a great deal over 25 years of open employment for people with disability, it reminds us of the roots of the sector. At our core, we are committed to ensuring better employment opportunities for people with disability. It is a passion for positive change that drives the sector forward.

Congratulations to Michael, Sue and Peter on the recognition of their amazing achievements.