integratedliving Australia, a long standing and valued client of Australian Strategic Services, recently received the 2013 ACS State Awards for Excellence, under the category Organisation…”Demonstrating leadership, innovation and excellence in the aged care industry”.

These awards promote and recognise excellence in a range of areas that contribute to the quality of life of older people, people with disabilities and/or their carers. The awards also acknowledge efforts to increase public confidence and community involvement in aged and community care services.

All State Award winners are subsequently nominated for the ACSA National Awards in their relevant categories, so we extend integratedliving Australia our congratulations and best wishes this for this coming November.

This award reflects the development and implementation of a number of strategic initiatives and their associated strategies contained in integratedliving Australia’s last and current strategic plan. Australian Strategic Services has facilitated and developed all of integratedliving Australia’s strategic plans over the last ten years.