Strategy Today, Success Tomorrow

Engaging in the necessary strategic thinking and strategic discussion that enables the development of a practical and achievable strategic plan and the subsequent business and organisational development plans, is a vital leadership process undertaken by the board, chief executive officer and senior management team of an organisation.

Easy to Use Packages, Practical Tools

BizPlan™ is used by leadership teams of community businesses (Not for Profits) to plan, implement, monitor and review their strategic plan, business plan/s and organisational development plans. BizPlan™ is Australia’s foremost strategic planning system.

Strategic and business planning projects are undertaken and implemented via a facilitated process and the provision of fully customisable packages and tools that are practical and easy to use.

BizPlan™ provides:

  • a strategic planning framework that is specifically designed for your organisation
  • strategic, business and organisational planning processes that are people focused
  • organisational development planning packages, eg: marketing plan, training plan, occupational health and safety plan; A variety of packages are available
  • a wide range of tools, and packages to assist you with the process of planning, implementing, monitoring and reviewing your strategic plan, business plan/s or organisational development plans
  • linkages and alignment to other Australian Strategic Services’ products such as: TAGS™, DASHBOARD™, RiskPlan™ and MAPS™.