Performance Management

A performance management system that is more practical and powerful than the balanced scorecard (BSC), DASHBOARD™ brings together agreed categories of measurement and the various key performance indicators for the board, chief executive officer, managers and staff.

DASHBOARD™ also provides performance management tools that enable reporting against key performance indicators and the provision of data and information to the board and management, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions.


Used by a large number of leadership teams of community businesses (Not for Profits) throughout Australia.

DASHBOARD™ is customised and implemented through a facilitated process; assisting people to understand, own and operate their key performance indicators.

A practical and powerful tool for leadership groups that wish to:

  • meet or exceed their own key performance indicators
  • meet or exceed contractual requirements
  • meet or exceed service organisational budgets
  • meet or exceed client requirements or expectations
  • meet or exceed organisational or industry benchmarks.

In today’s world, performance is critical. Performance management is the primary way boards, chief executive officers and managers can ensure their organisation, its operations, teams and individuals perform now and in the future.

Perform or Perish

In a nutshell, the new world of competition, tendering and the increasing growth and development of community businesses (Not for Profits) could be viewed by leadership teams as a ‘Perform or Perish Paradigm’.